Born and raised in the Caribbean, I moved with my family to my father’s birthplace, Hamburg in Germany, when I was 11 years old. From the age of 2, I knew there was only one career path for me: hairstylist and makeup artist.


I pursued my passion with unwavering dedication. After completing my master’s degree in Germany and numerous advanced courses, I also gained international experience to specialize in non-European hair types.


My journey led me to the leading provider of hair extensions. Starting as a trainer, I am now well-known as one of the most famous extensions specialists worldwide, beeing the proud possessor of a hair extensions brand distribution in the Caribbean. Additionally, I now educate through my own masterclasses in hair styling, hair color, cutting, and extension techniques.


As a master hairstylist and GHD Professional Brand Ambassador from Europe, my credentials include various Fashion Week experiences, numerous photo shoots, and work with celebrities and influencers. My multicultural background allows me to communicate with my clients in German, Spanish, and English.


I am delighted to advise you on achieving a look that perfectly complements your lifestyle. We can determine the best approach for your hair type and quality through a comprehensive and complimentary consultation. Let’s create a bespoke and harmonious look tailored just for you.